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Dedicated to  holistic health

Director of the centre Louise Waters envisioned the Natural Therapies wellness center as an extension and expansion of the therapies and holistic space she has long been hosting here in Sligo.

A number of therapists, clinicians and practitioners now join Louise in the purpose designed holistic health centre in Sligo offering over 40 different therapies and classes. Available services include a holistic GP service, mindfulness, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy massage, Pregnancy treatments, Psychotherapy, Yoga and more. As a collective the therapists do not just offer a single speciality, but multiple treatments, practices, practitioners, and even ethos under one roof.

All practitioners and therapists in the centre run independent businesses and come together under the umbrella of The Natural Therapies Centre sharing a common focus on the deep importance of investing in one’s body through holistic means of practice, knowledge and nutrition. 
The centre gives you access to the team collectively, however please contact each practitioner independently to discuss therapies and appointments. 

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Dr Paula Martin

Mindfulness & Integrated Health


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