John Molloy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

John practices Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy here from the Natural Therapies Centre.  The therapist typically looks for and encourages the forces of health to set the priorities of the session and to bring about natural adjustments from within the body’s own resources. It is characterized by a strong orientation to the holism of the human experience where both the body’s anatomy and physiology are related to in real time with the subtle forces of life that act through the interface of the body’s fluids. Subtle movements in the body’s fluid and tissue fields are being listened for and the natural movement towards stillness is seen as deeply healing.

About John

The beauty of this therapy is its simplicity. The practitioner takes up a position of being neutral and allows the process of the treatment to unfold. The practitioner is interested in facilitating the body towards intrinsic reorganizations across the body’s tissues, its fluid matrix and its energetic and emotional layers, so that there is a holistic movement towards greater health. The therapy creates a safe space for traumatic experiences to emerge and resolve smoothly without being overwhelming or re-stimulating.
The approach to the work includes a developed model of working with trauma processes. The therapists embodied experience, touch and presence are the key components in creating a Relational Field that generates a deep sense of safety and capacity to heal from within in a client led and paced approach.
The therapy is gaining a lot of recognition and popularity because of its profound therapeutic effects.
John Molloy - The Natural Therapies Centre
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