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The Natural Therapies Centre Sligo
The Natural Therapies Centre

Restore Balance

Escape the busy-ness of life on visiting our centre, dedicated to your overall health & wellness.
Arranged over the 3rd floor of a purpose designed townhouse, our calming centre offers a broad range of therapies to enhance a relaxing, peaceful state of mind & body.


What we offer..

As a collective of professional and holistic therapists, doctors and teachers who offer their therapies, classes, and workshops from our centre we provide over 40 therapies. Our aim is to provide complete provision for mind, body and spirit in a safe, calm and restorative environment.



Energy & Spiritual Healing integrates mind body approaches with modern medicine.

massage therapies

We offer a range of massage therapies in our centre.

yoga & mindfulness

We offer a blend of in clinic and online classes for all fitness levels.

gp clinic

Our General Practitioner, Dr. Paula Martin, is able to help with a number of conditions 


Psychotherapy at The Natural Therapies Centre is offered by Imogen O Connor.

    Aromatherapy Massage    Therapeutic Massage   Maternity Massage  Oncology Massage, Accuamassage   Indian Head Massage    Reiki    Subtle Energy Medicine   Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy   Organic Facials    Energy Healing    Crystal Healing   Reflexology   
Anti-natal Reflexology   Reflexology in Cancer Care  Holistic or Integrated Gp Consultation Women’s Clinic Neuroplasticity  Psychotherapy  Children’s Psychotherapy  Mindfulness 
Yoga classes  Meditation Online Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Restorative Yoga Family yoga  


Natural Healing

classes & workshops


Join us in our classes and workshops. Our group of Teachers and instructors offer a range of Yoga Styles, including Vinyasa Flow, Alignment Based Yoga, Subtle Body Anatomy Yoga, Mindfulness Based Yoga & Meditation Join us in the centre (after restrictions) OR online through our membership platform. 



The Natural Therapies Centre

Speak with us

Allow us to recommend a therapy or treatment to suit your needs. Our team of practitioners can intuitively work together or independently to support you as an individual to heal in the way that is right for you, incorporating many different approaches. 


“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”
David Richo

Live online YOGA 24/7

Avail of Live yoga classes 7 days a week, weekend workshops, recordings of live classes, plus access to a library of on-demand yoga essentials and a choice of speciality courses to choose from. Offering Yoga classes, mindfulness, and meditations to suit all ages and abilities. All of this and more on the ANOIS YOGA website