Aisling Keane

Aisling Keane offers her classes and therapy from our rooms here at the Centre. Breathwork is a practice that is very simple and deeply profound. It is a practice that brings your awareness to the natural rhythms of your breath highlighting how you breathe and how the breath affects your body and mind. This practice is a great way of reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue and so much more while also enhancing focus, memory, concentration and energy.

Aisling Keane - The Natural Therapies Centre

About Aisling

Aisling developed her interest in Breathwork over many years and through many meditative practices on her own healing journey. Having experienced how supportive and powerful healthy breathing is Aisling felt a deep connection to the practice and passion to share what she has learned and experienced.

Aisling will be providing breathwork classes on the last Sunday of each month from 9-10am.

In this restful and nurturing practice Aisling will aim to assist you in improving your breathing pattern enhancing your overall health and vitality. This will be done in a quiet and warm space lying down (on yoga mats), with yoga bolsters and blankets for comfort, giving you space to feel, heal and recover your vitality one breath at a time.

Contact details for bookings:

+353 (85) 141 5401
Facebook: Aisling Keane Breathwork
Instagram: @aislingkeane__